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Turn YOU Up!

Go from unworthy to unstoppable by

 reclaiming the power of your voice.

Hi, I'm Tobie!

Voice actor turned well-being coach.

I believe that when you follow your voice and intuition, your natural gifts shine. And when you amplify your voice you become confident, self assured, powerful —  you become unstoppable.

Unfortunately most of us are taught to turn down that intuitive voice which can cripple us with self doubt, drained energy and uncertainty. 


A special someone taught me at just six years old the power of using my voice.  Over time, life happened, my light dimmed, and I lost it—as many of us do.


Fortunately, my voice made a triumphant return when I stepped into the recording booth as an actor many years later. With a few victories under my belt, my light reignited, and my inner reservoir of wisdom became louder and brighter than my self-doubt.


Now, I partner with women and help them go from feeling unworthy to unstoppable by reclaiming the power of their voice. 

Let's not sugarcoat it—being human is nuts. But, having a supportive coach by your side, isn't just beneficial; it's profoundly transformative. So, let's embark on this adventure together and amplify the unique YOU!

Desert Road

"Sometimes it takes years for a person to become an overnight success"— Prince

"Talking and learning about yourself can feel uncomfortable. But with Tobie, I felt at ease and willing to open up. Her warm, friendly demeanor is just what I needed in a well- being coach. I greatly enjoyed our time together and after 7 weeks felt refreshed and confident about my outlook on my personal and professional life." 

- Abigale M.


"Tobie listens not only with her heart but with an ability to see the themes and dynamics that influence a person's situation and what they are trying to accomplish. Tobie is a passionate champion of women achieving what they did not think they could achieve. Tobie’s energy is infectious and genuine. She can go to the deeper places or stay light, depending on the need. Tobie is super kind in her delivery and makes doing the "work" a lot of fun!" 

- Julia R.
Coaching Colleague

"I didn’t think coaching was for me; but, the Positive Intelligence 6-week bootcamp was very transformative. Because of the PQ Program and with Tobie’s support, energy, enthusiasm and confidence in me, I now feel excited about obstacles and challenges and find the gift in them, instead of feeling frustrated and procrastinating.  I feel more self-command, confident and focused when dealing with relationships and tasks.  I also have more empathy for myself and others.  I highly recommend Tobie and the PQ Program."

- Wendy G.

"Tobie showed up to each of our sessions with great presence and an open heart. Her passion and enthusiasm for the Positive Intelligence program is contagious, as is her energy. I felt grounded and hopeful as she coached me through my saboteurs and into my sage." 

- Simone S.


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